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Deliver challenging creative projects with confidence.
Our production toolkit and high-performance hardware
produce pixel-perfect live imagery on vast, complex surfaces.

The disguise software-on-hardware platform manages any live,
projection-mapped, fixed installation or
extended reality experience with stunning results.




   power to render  rx range


disguise rx 


Introducing the rx, our dedicated system for hosting third party render engines,
enabling new possibilities for scale out rendering.
Engineered for the future of virtual production.





   power to scale  pro range


disguise vx 4

disguise 4X4 pro

disguise 2X4 pro


The pro range has been engineered to playback video
at higher quality, smoothness, and resolution than ever before.


   power to respond  gx range


disguise gx 2c

disguise gx 2

disguise gx 1


The gx range’s unrivalled power density pushes generative content to new heights.
Render in real-time for a show that responds to its environment.
From smoke that moves as it’s touched to water that ripples as performers pass by,
captivate your audiences with generative content.



   power to you  plus range


disguise solo

disguise 2X2 plus


The plus range gives you the creative control to bring your vision to life.
With the plus range you have the flexibility to make changes on the fly,
the freedom to craft and the power to make your ideas a reality.



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